Barry Clearwater
Managing Director

Barry is the head of the company and sets the vision and direction for the business. He has a background that began in electronics, quickly followed by Computing from its earliest entry into the home market.

Experience in small to medium networks and servers, communications and internet technology has enabled Barry to use his skills to add value to his clients businesses and practices. Keen to research and take the lead on emerging trends and technology, he has led the firm to specialise in GNU/Linux based servers and Open Source initiatives giving them an advantage ahead of some of the competitors.

With his broad range of technical knowledge, he works happily with any platform from Microsoft, Apple, Android or Open Source. He is just as at home on a tablet, i-device or more traditional keyboard and mouse devices. Understanding what lies beneath the surface of the various technologies helps him quickly identify and solve the resulting issues that occur.

Trudie Clearwater
Administration and Financial Manager

Trudie works away quietly in the background looking after the administrative side of the business. She helps keep track of all the jobs, can schedule an appointment time for you with one of the team or help with any billing enquiries.

Raymond Yeo
IT Specialist

Raymond comes with a wealth of experience in the front line of sales and service of PCs, Laptops and associated equipment. His knowledge of parts and systems is highly regarded.

Raymond is excellent at paying attention to our customers needs and providing answers and solutions to a wide range of technology problems and we know that you will find him of great help.

Philip Dawson
IT Specialist

Phil has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and has worked in the IT field in New Zealand and the United States over the last 10 years. He has worked in both the education sector and for large companies, and is excited to help our clients solve their technical issues.

Phil enjoys the people side of IT and wants to provide a personal service, whether the job is home or business-related.

Ryan Holkenbrink
IT Specialist

Ryan brings a unique skill set to the company. He has a great affinity with PC hardware and is well versed in taking anything electronic apart – and putting it back together again!

He is happy to assist with anything our clients may require, from PCs running slowly or broken tablet screens, all the way down to board-level repairs.

Kevin Wang
Web developer

Kevin is from Beijing, China and moved to NZ in 2016 with his wife and daughter. He has a Bachelor's degree in IT from Otago, has skills in PHP, JS and other programming languages. He has a strong interest in Web development and producing well designed, tested and efficient code using well established software development practises. He also has wider abilities in other areas of IT.

He likes spending time with his family, playing table tennis and Switch.